Hi I'm Stephanie...
I'm not really sure what to write on here but I guess I'll just say some stuff about me? I really like to write, it makes me feel in control and maybe that's why I like it so much? Because it's one of the only things that makes me think I have control over SOMETHING.
I have a problem...I want perfection and I can't get perfection because no one is perfect. I try hard to be good enough for myself but it's slow work...nothing happens over night I guess.

Just Keep Smiling...Nothing Last Forever

"People like us we've gotta stick together, Keep your head up nothing lasts forever. Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten. It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom. We are all misfits living in a world on fire…Sing it for the people like us!" ~Kelly Clarkson, People Like Us



let’s talk about what a fab human dan radcliffe is…

a++ work, do not regret 13yo me’s crush on him at all

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this show seriously tackles all issues

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I just saw my AP scores right now, and I am going to celebrate by having a drink.

I'm sorry to disturb, but how do I use a proxy? Sincerely, Anonymous


Don’t be sorry, you’re not disturbing me!

If you have a PC, go to control panel.  Then click on Network and Internet.  Then click on Internet Options.  Then click on the Connections tab.  Then click on LAN settings.  Check the proxy server box and enter this address: for the proxy server and 8088 for the port.  

If that one doesn’t work, use this website http://spys.ru/free-proxy-list/US/ to find a server in one of the early states.

If you have a mac, 

-open system preferences. Navigate to Network > advanced > click the tab called proxies (to the right) > select “Web Proxy HTTP”
-type in your proxy server, hit okay, and then select apply.
-go to apscore.org and log in; it should work.”

(I took that from someone who told me).

Good luck!


My Insecurities have kicked my ass today…

Like the title says, my insecurities have kicked my butt today!!! Sometimes I wonder if people understand. if they understand what it’s like to stare at your reflection and HATE what you see! To take hours to leave the house because nothing looks right or fits right! There are times when I’ve tried everything on in my closet and I just cry because I feel so defeated.
And you know, I’ve tried to stop cutting. I have stopped for a few months but gosh! Times like this, all I want to do is cut myself! I just want to make the pain go away…I didn’t want to feel numb but I’m not sure what’s worse: feeling numb or feeling the strongest form of self-loathing. And you know, a lot of my friends tell me that I should try exercising or dieting and yes, I know they are trying to provide ways to get me what I want but…sometimes, I just want to rant! I just want SUPPORT! I know it’s implied support but I just want someone to listen, provide some comfort, and assure me that everyone has their own insecurities.
Senior year taught me a lot: you can’t please everyone, if I REALLY want something- i can make it happen! and maybe….just maybe….some positive thoughts can lead to better outcomes but sometimes….I can’t help but being sad….

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